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Monday, November 30, 2020

Polish government is waiting for EU's proposal

 The Polish government is waiting for a proposal from the German presidency on the conditionality mechanism in the EU budget. In its present form, it is contrary to EU law and is unacceptable for Poland.

“So far, their (Garmany's) talks on the multi-annual budget and the reconstruction fund are their failure. The declaration of the prime ministers of Poland and Hungary is clear. We cannot take a step back, because the draft, adopted under pressure from radicals, allows for arbitrary, politically motivated sanctions, is harmful to the EU and incompatible with EU law. If the German presidency does not find a solution, the compromise will fall on the shoulders of Portugal, which will take over the EU presidency on January 1, 2021" - said MEP, Prof Zdzisław Krasnodębski. 

In MEP's opinion, Germany was badly conducting budget negotiations with the European Parliament on the conditionality mechanism. 

“They miscalculated about our veto. They believed that due to the state of the economy, Poland and Hungary would agree to any concessions." 

He added -

"If someone wants to make such profound changes in the EU and introduce a permanent mechanism for the rule of law, let him propose a change of the treaties. You can then start discussing it. But the change of treaties must of course be unanimous."

Krasnodębski, however, is not optimistic about the possibility of reaching a compromise by the end of the year.

“Time is short. However, I expect that on January 1, 2021, the provisional budget will begin to function. In my opinion, an agreement will be reached in the middle of next year, when some Western European politicians will sober up, when economic needs will weaken their political aggression."