Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The EU's presidency (Germany) was sure that Poland and Hungary were bluffing. Now they are in trouble

 At the meeting of EU ambassadors, Andrzej Sadoś, the Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU, presented the position that Poland rejects the political agreement between the EP negotiators and the German presidency on the conditionality mechanism in the EU budget.

Poland argued about its support for the EU budget package, but pointed out that there is no unanimous support from the member states for the conditionality mechanism.

The Polish ambassador argued that the conditionality mechanism in the EU budget could not duplicate the Article 7 procedure contained in the treaties, limiting the role of the Council. It argued that a separate rule of law mechanism, other than the Art. 7, has no legal basis in the treaties.

Due to the lack of unanimity, EU countries were also unable to initiate a written procedure on adopting a decision on the EU's own resources. It is necessary for the EU to establish a coronavirus recovery fund.