Saturday, November 7, 2020

Warsaw: Drones in the fight against COVID-19. They will be carrying samples and blood for testing

Hermes Dronoid

 Between the temporary field hospital at the National Stadium and the Central Clinical Hospital (8km), a drone transport system (DTS) is being created, operating on the principle of a medical airlift. Transport drones, which are the backbone of the system, will carry, among others, swab samples and blood for testing.

"We are getting ready to launch the DST - the drone transport system, which is a medical airlift that will connect the two hospitals,"  said Dariusz Werschner from Spartaqs LLC.

In order for the (air) bridge to be built, a special air zone was designated for flights of cargo drones that will carry medical cargo. "These drones will transport tests kits for research, blood for tests, swab samples from the stadium (hospital) to the laboratory at the hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration," he Werschner.

Flight path designed using ESRI software

The drones that will fly between hospitals are the Hermes Dronoids produced by the Polish company Spartaqs. Hermes was registered as an aircraft and was the first drone in Poland to pass tests and obtained approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to perform operational and automatic flights beyond the visual range, with an active transponder (visible to radars and aircraft) and assigned ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) number, which made it a full-fledged aircraft.