Thursday, December 10, 2020

Cyberpunk has caught the attention of players all over the world, it has already broken the record!

 A few hours after the premiere, the game Cyberpunk 2077, produced by the Polish studio CD Projekt on Steam, was played simultaneously by over a million users. Thus, the record for single-player games was broken.

As reported by PC Gamer, 1,003,264 players were playing Cyberpunk 2077 simultaneously on the popular Steam platform. This is more than twice than the previous record for the single player game from 2015, when Fallout 4 was played by less than 473,000. people.

Cyberpunk is considered by critics as the most anticipated game of the year.

The game by CD Projekt met with favorable reviews in the international press. Reviewers were impressed by the size of the virtual city - called Night City - which can be freely explored.

According to  JP Morgan the game that was in production for 8 years exceeded the forecasts of  sales results. Even before the game was available it was ordered by over 8 million people, and some experts predict that CD Projekt may sell 40 million copies next year, breaking the existing records.