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Monday, December 7, 2020

In Spain, Saint John Paul II serves as a symbol of hope to people

  While World's liberal media, lead by CNN, The New York and The Wall Street Journal (yes that Wall Street Journal), attack the character and memory of Saint John Paul II by trying to delegitimize everything that he has done there are people that actually appreciate him and whom he was.

In Spain, the figure of Saint John Paul II serves as a light of hope to people frightened by the actions of the socialist-communist government of Prime Minister Sanchez.

Here are the fragments of yesterday's speech by MEP Hermann Tertsch on the Constitution Day in Spain, during an antigovernmental demonstration:

"We are in a situation of extreme danger and that is why I would like to share with you a message of hope, the same message that Pope John Paul II gave to Poles in 1979:

 “Don't give up! Do not be afraid!"

 Yes, few of us are here, but there are actually a lot of Spaniards who are terrified by the dangerous actions of the government. Poles felt the strength that John Paul II had given them then, and despite decades of defeats and bloody repressions by the communist government, they could again believe in themselves and in the power of truth.

They stopped being afraid, started to fight the lie, this was their moral obligation to respect the truth in the act of their courage and sacrifice. And so the communist regime in Poland collapsed, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall fell, and thus half of enslaved Europe was freed from communism, which now threatens us in a new version ... 

Will the truth also set us free to fight this government of intimidation and lies? Long live united Spain! Long live the king! Long live the legality of the Constitution." 

(Translation after Małgorzata Wołczyk / Dorzeczy.pl) 

(PN) Interesting fact. While preparing for this post I searched on Google for any articles on people defending our saint/pope JPII and could not find any in the first 30 results. Only after I changed the criteria to "limbaugh john paul ii" I got a link to (but could not repeat it later) "Polish bishops defend John Paul II after McCarrick report".  If that not a proof of search results manipulation I don't know what is.