Sunday, December 6, 2020

Prosecutor General applied to the Constitutional Tribunal to ban the Communist Party of Poland

 According to multiple sources Zbigniew Ziobro, Poland's Prosecutor General, filed a motion for a declaration of non-compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of the aims and activities of the Communist Party of Poland.

According to Art. 13 of the Polish Constitution, the existence of political parties and other organizations referring in their programs to the totalitarian methods and practices of nazism, fascism and communism is prohibited. It is also forbidden to exist political parties whose program or activity presupposes or permits racial and national hatred, the use of violence in order to gain power or influence the state's policy, or the secret of structures or membership.

An analysis carried out at the National Public Prosecutor's Office (PK) showed that members of the Communist Party of Poland question the democratic order of Poland. Its members explicitly call for a revolution similar to the October Revolution in Russia, after which the Bolsheviks took power. The goal is not only to seize power, but also to "nationalize and collectivize under duress".

The official program of the party says, that "the proletariat cannot merely take over the bourgeois state apparatus, for example through parliamentary elections. There is no room for genuine universal democracy within this apparatus. (...) To eliminate class division it is necessary to overthrow capitalist property and replace it with social property. (…) The workers 'party must, however, bring to the workers' movement the awareness of the need and necessity to make revolutionary transformations," - writes PK.

Knowing the history and experiences of the Polish nation in the twentieth century, the legislators not without reason equated the totalitarian methods of nazism, fascism and communism, preventing organizations, including parties, from referring to them. For this reason, the Public Prosecutor General decided that both the aims and activities of the Polish Communist Party must be considered unconstitutional, and its functioning should be interrupted.