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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Was Kasia Kieli, top executive of Discovery EMEA, vaccinated instead of health care workers

The scandal with celebrities and influencers getting vaccinated instead of health care workers in Poland is growing and growing. We still don't have a complete list of those who somehow got vaccinated "out of sequence", in other words, pushed themselves to the front of the line. Instead every day we find out new names of those involved. Yesterday we learned that a  top executive of an American corporation, Discovery EMEA, Kasia Kieli, President and Managing Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, was also among "the chosen ones". Today we learned that a former high-ranking officer of the secret police, SB (Polish version of KGB or Stasi), during the communist regime was among them as well. 

Can well known and respected TV network afford to have a top executive involved with former communist officials in any endeavor? For over a year now the Discovery Network was named as one of the media outlets that gets itself involved in internal Polish politics. To the point that the US Ambassador to Poland involved herself in defense of the network from any criticism. We now see that the problem is even deeper than anybody could imagine. 

Vaccination against COVID-19 started in Poland on December 27, last year. Healthcare workers are vaccinated first. The deadline for registration for vaccinations in group zero was extended to January 14 Then the vaccine will be given to e.g. seniors, uniformed services, teachers.

BTW, apparently, Mrs. Kieli's husband is also on the front lines of the battle with Covid-19 because he also got vaccinated.

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