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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Poland will build six nuclear reactors over next 20 years

 On Tuesday, February 2nd, the government adopted a resolution on Poland's energy policy until 2040. As stated in the communiqué after the government meeting, Poland's Energy Policy 2040 (PEP 2040) is based on three main pillars: a just transition, building a zero-emission energy system, and good air quality.

Secretary of State, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski spoke on Sunday on Republic Television (Telewizja Republika) about Polish energy strategy. 

"We have a program to build six nuclear reactors in 20 years, a twenty-year program that starts now and will end in 2043. Accordingly, those who believe they have the opportunity to implement or participate in this program of ours, talk to us. The French, Koreans, we were in the Arab Emirates, where we watched a finished investment of this type, (...) we talk to the Americans"- said Naimski. 

He added that an intergovernmental agreement was signed between Poland and the United States, which provides that the Americans present a comprehensive technical and financial offer to the Polish government within the next year. 

"At the moment, those who are the strongest advocates of this green system, green transformation in Europe, already accept the fact that nuclear energy is not a competition for renewable energy sources - it is a necessary supplement and it should be treated as such" - he stressed.

"In the Netherlands - a very green Netherlands - it was decided that a new nuclear power plant would be needed (...) because all those who currently want to participate in the introduction of large-scale renewable energy sources to energy, i.e. those who want to build wind farms the sea in great numbers, photovoltaic panels, not only on the roofs of houses, but in large numbers, know that in order for it to work safely, there must be protection in the form of power plants operating continuously, always, regardless of the weather, regardless of the wind, day - and these are nuclear or gas power plants"- said Naimski. 

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