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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Poland filed a complaint with the European Court of Justice over the EU budget mechanism

 Today, Poland submitted a complaint to the CJEU regarding non-compliance with the European treaties of the regulation on the general system of conditionality serving the EU budget protection, said government spokesman Piotr Müller.

In a communiqué by the Government Information Center, Müller pointed out that since 2018 Poland had consistently negatively assessed the draft of this regulation and did not support it even after the introduction of amendments to the legislative procedure in the Council.

"We believe that such solutions do not have a legal basis in the Treaties, interfere with the competences of the Member States and infringe the law of the European Union," Polish government spokesperson Piotr Mueller said in a statement.

"Disbursement of funds from the EU budget should be based only on meeting objective and concrete conditions, which unequivocally stem from regulations," he added.

Hungary joined Poland in the court case, Justice Minister Judit Varga announced on Facebook.

"We are challenging the rule on conditionality before the Court of Justice of the European Union, together with Poland," she said.

"We can't keep that that EU legislation in force, which seriously infringes legal certainty."

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