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Thursday, May 13, 2021

In Poland "Secret Collaborators" of the communist Security Services are still working as judges

 A few days ago, Poland's Supreme Administrative Court revoked the resolutions of the National Council of the Judiciary from August 2018 regarding the appointment of new judges of the Supreme Court finding them illegal. 

As it was established by the website Niezalezna.pl, judge Małgorzata Korycińska, who was a member of the judiciary of the Supreme Administrative Court, was registered in 1977 as a Secret Collaborator of the communist Security Service with the pseudonym "Andrzej." 

Interestingly, the materials about the TW "Andrzej" were deposited in the archives in Krakow and then destroyed according to the scrapping protocol.

This is just an example of many "independent" judges who could not be fired after the regime's collapse because it would be against "human rights." They are now part of the "judiciary insurrection" against the current government.