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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Police officers in Europe targeted by Al-Qaeda. The warning also reached Poland

 Attacks on the police are planned all over Europe. The case also concerns Poland. Al-Qaeda terrorists - by offering huge amounts of money - want to attack uniformed officers.

The warning came on May 6. The press spokesman of Police HQ, Mariusz Ciarka, said that the police were aware of the situation. "Of course, appropriate actions are taken, but for the sake of the safety of our officers, I cannot go into details" - said Ciarka.

The call for attacks was published in The Wolves of Manhattan Magazine, an al-Qaeda affiliate publication. They offered 60,000 Euro for killing a policeman. The condition is that he/she must be a Christian, a Jew, or an atheist.  Spanish services warned that police formations throughout Western Europe were at risk.