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Friday, May 14, 2021

Poland and Germany agree to defend each other's airspace

 Poland and Germany have concluded a technical agreement on cooperation during cross-border operations (CBO - Cross Border Operations) as part of the NATO Air Policing and Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) missions. The agreement will significantly facilitate joint air operations and mutual protection of airspace.

 According to the Ministry of National Defense: "The document in question regulates the issue of cooperation of forces and resources on combat duty under NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defense System, which is extremely important for the continuity of the Air Policing mission, during the necessity to cross the Polish-German state border in the sky. Specifying the terms and conditions of cooperation in this area will contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the protection of the sovereign air space integrity of the North Atlantic Alliance member states. 

Thanks to the conclusion of the agreement, the Polish F-16s will be able to carry out QRA missions over the territory of Germany. At the same time, German Eurofighters will be able to support the protection of Polish airspace. 

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