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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Obama attacks "authoritarian" Poland and Hungary


 Nearly all Polish media noted that former US President Barack Obama had warned US citizens that democracy is not forever. On CNN, he stated that examples of how quickly democracy can change into authoritarianism are ... Poland and Hungary!

All citizens need to know that the road to the undemocratic United States is not one step. It's a whole series of steps. When we look at places like Hungary or Poland, which did not have such democratic traditions as us, they were not deeply rooted. And yet, ten years ago, they were well-functioning democracies, and they became essentially authoritarian, - said Barack Obama.

Then, the former president said this: "Vladimir Putin was elected by Russian voters, but none of us will say that this is the democracy we want." 

So, Russia is still a functioning democracy while Poland and Hungary are not?!

Here are some interesting comments from Polish commentators:

"Barack Obama has just said that Poland and Hungary are authoritarian. The president has already talked about Polish death camps, and yet he still has not changed the source of information about our country," - wrote Marek Kuchciński.

"As you know, Obama is an outstanding expert in Poland ("Polish death camps")" - wrote Grzegorz Kuczyński.

"Poland was declared an authoritarian country by @BarackObama. Meanwhile, US President @JoeBiden supports the construction of  NordStream2 and meets Putin in Geneva," - noted Maciej Szota.

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