77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

 The Warsaw Uprising broke out 77 years ago. Let's pay tribute to its participants by celebrating the whole month of August as a Home Army Month.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Poland was the object of the cyberattack "Ghostwriter"


 On Tuesday, the spokesman of the special services coordinator, Stanisław Żaryn, informed that the recent social engineering attack on Polish politicians and the leakage of their e-mails was caused by the UNC1151 group associated with the Russian services, which is conducting a wider operation to destabilize the countries of the region called "Ghostwriter".

"The narratives promoted in five operations (breaking into the accounts of politicians) seem to represent a coordinated effort to discredit the ruling coalition, expand existing political divisions and promote an image of discord in the coalition," the April report says.

In Germany - as recently revealed by "Tagesspiegel" - activities are carried out more and more intensely and vividly resembling what is happening in Poland. German counterintelligence warned in a recent report that "the intelligence services of the Russian Federation, in particular, use a strategy called "hack and leak." 

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