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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Poland's 1-1 tie with Spain in soccer overshadowed by village fire

 In a great fire in the village of Nowa Biała, in Nowy Targ County, 21 residential buildings and 20 farm buildings burned down. The fire is under control now. Four people who suffered burns were hospitalized, said Bogusław Szydło from the Małopolska fire brigade.

In total, 99 fire brigades, 400 firefighters in total, are at the site. There are firemen from five counties: Tatra, Nowy Targ, Limanowa, Suski, and Kraków (a former royal city).

Today, the prime minister assured that he would not leave the inhabitants without support:

"We will not leave you alone; we will do everything to bring direct aid for families and help from the Polish state in the reconstruction of residential and farm buildings."

He added that because of the historical nature of the village's buildings the government would have to find a way to help the victims rebuild their homes quickly.

"The buildings in Nowa Biała are under the protection of the conservator of monuments; I will do my best to change the procedures and with the relevant decree of the Council of Ministers to enable the reconstruction of residential buildings and farm buildings as soon as possible."

The fire spread quickly because the buildings in Nowa Biała are compact and clustered, and some of the buildings are wooden. 

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