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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Leftist Elites to Poland: NATO treaty doesn't mean that the US will always defend Poland

 American Left and its 'Elites' are finally telling the rest of the World how they interpret democracy and international treaties. Anne Applebaum from Washington Post and a wife of Polish politician, Radek Sikorski, who is a Member of the European Parliament, may have spilled something. 

She came to the defense of an American-owned TV station, TVN, that may lose a license to broadcast in Poland with the change of its owner. Why? Like many other European nations, Poland doesn't want any media on the Polish market to be owned by Russia or China, directly or indirectly. To ensure that they require that their owners are located on EU soil. Discovery that owns TVN complied with the law by establishing a corporation in the EU that at least on paper held it. (There are reports now that its offices are empty and nobody works there.) Now that Discovery may merge with WarnerMedia, actual ownership and rumored partnerships with China came into question.

In her defense of the TVN, Mrs. Applebaum said this: "The fact that the NATO treaty is signed does not mean that the United States will always defend Poland."

Apparently, she thinks that the ownership of the left-leaning TV station representing opposition parties is so important to the current US administration that they would be willing to leave Poland to its own devices if Russia decides to take it over. Similar to what President Roosevelt did in 1945.

What if she tells the truth?!