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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Marco Rubio and Democratic senators pressure Polish president to veto property restitution bill

Fox News

 According to the Polish Press Agency, a group of US senators has written to President Andrzej Duda urging him to veto a proposed amendment to a Polish law that will limit the ability of claimants to seek restitution for property lost during and after World War II. The group was led by Marco Rubio. 

Under the legislation already passed by the Sejm (lower house of the Polish parliament) in late June, courts may consider appeals regarding administrative decisions on the property only if they were made within the previous 30 years. Critics say that would put a time limit on requests for restitution even though, and it was explained several times, the point is to limit or eliminate the fraudulent claims.

"We strongly believe that this legislation would significantly increase the existing hurdles that prevent victims and their families from claiming restitution and compensation for property wrongfully taken by Nazi Germany and by the communist-era government of Poland," says the letter. 

The authors argued that this would be the best way for Poland to "demonstrate its clear opposition to the crimes committed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet-backed Polish government."

The letter was published on Tuesday.

According to PAP sources, the main initiator of the letter was Republican Marco Rubio from Florida. He was joined by Democrat from Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin, Democrat from Nevada Jacky Rosen, and Republican from Oklahoma James Lankford. Eight other senators, seven Democrats, and one Republican, also signed the letter.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement claiming that critics "show an unfamiliarity with the facts and with Polish law" and "the amended rules will affect only administrative procedures, including restitution, however in no way will they limit the possibility of filing a civil motion with the aim of receiving damages."

I had to read one passage of the letter several times just to believe what I read. Poland should "demonstrate its clear opposition to the crimes committed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet-backed Polish government." Are you fr*** kidding me, Marco Rubio? Three (3) million Poles killed by Germans and untold millions killed by Russians (we were never allowed to make this count) is not enough to demonstrate that?

Perhaps Mr. Rubio should stick to issues he knows about and ask himself why this issue is so popular among Democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton? I would give Senator Rubio a clear hint but NEVER MIND.

Perhaps Polish Americans in Florida should reconsider their votes in the next Republican party primaries.

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