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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Poland and Ukraine about NSII: we call on the US and Germany to find an answer to the security crisis

 The Polish and Ukrainian Ministries of Foreign Affairs issued a joint statement on the German-US agreement on Nord Stream 2 (NS2). 

"The decision to build the Nord Stream 2  pipeline, made in 2015, just months after the Russian invasion and illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory, led to a security, credibility and political crisis in Europe."

"At present, this crisis is significantly deepened by the abandonment of attempts to stop the launch of the NS2 pipeline. This decision created a threat to Ukraine and Central Europe in the political, military, and energy dimensions while strengthening Russia's potential to destabilize the security situation in Europe and perpetuating divisions among member states of NATO and the European Union."

"Unfortunately, the current proposals to compensate for this deficit are superficial and cannot be considered sufficient to effectively limit the threats posed by NS2. We urge the US and Germany to take steps to find an adequate response to the emerging security crisis in our region. whose only beneficiary is Russia ", reads the joint communiqué.

Poland and Ukraine announced that they will cooperate with their allies and partners to oppose NS2 until solutions to the security crisis caused by it are found.

Here is a thought: why not give Ukraine a clear 3-year path to join the EU and NATO and insist on the UN forum that Russians return illegally occupied territories? Impossible? Not a bit more than what Biden and Merkel just promised us.

Will Poland pay the price for this insubordination? Biden administration did warn them.

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