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Friday, July 23, 2021

Polish Americans should punish the Democrats for this betrayal

 Last year, we warned, between the lines or outright, about Biden. Unfortunately, Biden won the election. Honestly or not, but he's the president. 

It would seem that the US president would see Putin's danger for Poland and Central Europe and stop him. Unfortunately, as in Yalta Roosevelt, now Biden sided with Russia. It does not matter whether he did it for the sake of his family's businesses or to spite Trump and Poland for good relations over the past four years. The important thing is that the US president has once again betrayed his allies to the enemy.

After the previous betrayal, the Democrats did not feel the anger of the Polish community, but now they must. Because if they don't, they will do it again, maybe even in a few days, when they will back Israel over non-inheritance property laws.

Democrats must fear our reaction today. This time there must be a reaction, and the Polish diaspora must withdraw 100 percent of their support for the politicians of the Democratic party at every level, from dog catchers to city councilors, congressmen, and senators, all the way to the White House seat. They must lose every single election for the next 4 years, at least.

Biden's doing could lead to a war with Russia, and as we can see, Germany will probably also lend a hand to it. And we did not prevent it.

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