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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ukraine: American Betrayal and Did Biden just commit an impeachable offense?


 The summary of the past week in the Kyiv Post tells us everything we need to know about what Biden has done.

"Betrayal" is the only word to describe the deal cooked up between the US and Germany behind the backs of Ukraine and everyone else on Nord Stream 2. The Russian-Germany pipeline will get built after the US dropped sanctions, while Ukraine gets no real guarantees on the security or energy front. Angela Merkel is also Ukraine's foe of the week, although Joe Biden is a close second.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published the content of the agreement concluded between Germany and the US on the completion of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline. According to the Polish and Ukrainian authorities, the German-American deal causes a "security deficit" in the region. 

"In 2005, in his annual speech to the Federal Assembly of Russia, Putin called the collapse of the USSR 'the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century," - writes Sergey Leshchenko, a former Ukrainian deputy, for Kyiv Post. - "For him (Putin), World War II was not a catastrophe. It was not the Holocaust or even the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima or the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant, but the end of the evil empire, which for him meant rebuilding the reality in which it was shaped."

Leshchenko adds that Putin decided to recreate the USSR in a different form. - "He is trying to take control of the entire system of gas supply to Europe, which collapsed after the collapse of the USSR."

"The NSII leaves Ukraine, a country at the heart of Europe, a country that has been a victim of Russian aggression for 7 years, with no annual income of more than $ 1 billion. Ukraine's exclusion from the gas supply chain increases the risk of Russia's full-scale military expansion, which will no longer bring a risk of stoping gas supplies to Europe in the event of a serious escalation."

The author does not hide the anger at the attitude of the United States: "The lightness with which the US administration struck a bargain over the end of the controversial gas pipeline evokes fear and horror."

In the same issue of Kyiv Post, Marc Thiessen asks: Did Biden just commit an impeachable offense in Ukraine?

Remember when House Democrats impeached President Donald Trump for twisting the arm of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, allegedly conditioning a White House visit on his willingness to investigate Hunter Biden? Well, guess what: Axios reports that the Biden administration may have twisted Zelensky’s arm to accept a deal President Biden just cut with Germany to allow it to move forward with its Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Russia — and conditioned a White House visit by Zelensky on acceptance of the deal - writes Thiessen.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote that according to the reports, President Biden already has experience in arm twisting in Ukraine, so we should not be surprised. Are you?

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