Monday, August 2, 2021

First four days of Warsaw Uprising (part 1)

 City center and the Old Town: Units captured most of their assigned territory but failed to capture areas with strong pockets of resistance from the Germans in the Warsaw University buildings, PAST (Polish Telephone Company) skyscraper, the headquarters of the German garrison in the Saxon Palace, the German-only area near Szucha Avenue, and the bridges over the Vistula River. Thus, they failed to create a central stronghold, secure communication links to other sites, or secure land connections with the city’s northern areas.

Please read "Killing Warsaw" to discover more about this major World War II battle that lasted 63 days with average of 3,500 killed every day of the Rising.

Districts Żoliborz, Marymont, Bielany: Units failed to secure the most critical military targets near Żoliborz. Although they captured most of the area around Żoliborz, the soldiers of Colonel Mieczysław Niedzielski failed to secure the Citadel area and break through German defenses at Warsaw Gdańsk railway station.

Wola District: Units initially secured most of the territory but sustained heavy losses (up to 30%). Some units retreated into the forests, while others moved to the eastern part of the area. In the northern part of Wola the soldiers of Colonel Jan Mazurkiewicz managed to capture the German barracks, the German supply depot at Stawki Street, and the flanking position at the Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery.