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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Polish police on alert after the unexplained death of Belarusian activist in Ukraine

 Suicide or feigned suicide - these are the two main potential causes of death of the head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine, Vital Szyszou (Shishou), which are being investigated by Ukrainian police. The police did not confirm the reports made by Szyszou’s friends.

The hanged body of a 26-year-old Belarusian activist was found in one of Kyiv’s parks on Tuesday morning. The day before, he was reported missing by the organization Belarusian House in Ukraine, of which he was the head, helping Belarusians fleeing from their homeland from persecution. As stated, the man most likely went out for a jog in the morning and did not come back home.

Szyszou’s friends declare that they do not believe in his suicide.

Bażena Żołudź, Szyszou’s girlfriend, told Radio Swaboda (Radio Liberty) that the two of them went to Kyiv in connection with persecution by the Belarusian authorities.

- It wasn’t that he was complaining about being followed. But recently, Wital has become more attentive, he watched which cars were coming up and who was coming out of them - she said.

She added that her partner had not received direct threats but had a bad feeling.

- He did not show it to me, but he wrote to one of our friends a week before the tragedy: “I have a bad feeling if anything happens to me take care of Bażena.” - Żołudź said.

“This event must raise the alarm. Poland should provide not only asylum and protection but also ensure the safety of Belarusian leaders who have found refuge in Poland! “- commented the MP from the Civic Coalition, Michał Szczerba. “This may be a confirmation that the Belarusian (and Russian) KGB is ready for revenge and even crimes in countries where leaders have found a temporary home. I appeal to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration to protect endangered refugees. On August 9, let us show our solidarity with # Free Belarus and @Tsihanouskaya! “- added the MP.

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