Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 10th - Liberators over burning Warsaw

 The city block "Reduta Wawelska" (Wawel Redoubt) continues to fight. The second redoubt, "Kaliska", is taken over by the soldiers of the RONA brigade, who ruthlessly murder the civilians found there under the suspicions of their involvement in the uprising. In Wola District, the "Radosław" group remains strong in its positions at Okopowa and at the Jewish Cemetery. 

On that day, British planes appear over Warsaw with long-awaited airdrops for the Downtown and Mokotów districts. In the afternoon, Luftwaffe planes flew over Warsaw, dropping propaganda leaflets entitled: "Ultimatum for the people of Warsaw". The occupant encourages the Warsaw population to surrender, promising to save their lives and receive food and work.