Friday, August 20, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 20 - the insurgents capture the strategically important building of Polish Telephone Company

- Germans launch another attack on the Old Town. Powerful high-caliber artillery guns and air force planes were enlisted in the battle. 

- Germans captured the heavily staffed building of the Bank of Poland and Mostowski Palace. 

- In Downtown, after fierce fighting, the insurgents captured the building of Polish Telephone Company (PAST), the second tallest building in Warsaw used by German to shell the insurgents. First, Poles breached the wall with a mine and then engaged in difficult battles for the control of the building. After a whole day of fighting, 38 killed and 121 captured Germans, the PAST building was captured and held. Polish losses amount to a dozen or so killed. The most important thing, however, was a strategic success, as the Germans were deprived of a strong foothold in Downtown.