Monday, August 30, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 30 - massacre of two Warsaw hospitals

  • The Germans murdered about 300 patients of the St. John of God. A similar number of patients died or were injured as a result of the bombing of the Ujazdowski Hospital.

  • Finally, the final decision is made as to the fate of the insurgents who have been fighting in the Old Town. Colonel Antoni Chruściel allowed the evacuation of the endangered district. Soldiers are to make their way from the Old Town to Downtown. 

  • Fierce battles have been taking place in the Old Town since the morning. In the afternoon, the troops deployed in the Old Town regrouped and attempted to break through to Downtown. 

  • The plan was hindered by the artillery shelling and bombing of the German air force. As if that was not enough, the enemy is also concentrating fire on Mokotów. 

  • London and Washington officially confirmed the decision to recognize soldiers of the Home Army as members of the Polish Armed Forces. The declaration of the British ends with the words: "His Majesty's Government solemnly warns all Germans who are involved in any violation of these rights or are in any way responsible for them that they do so at their own risk and will be held accountable for their crimes."
    That did not stop the Germans at all from committing war crimes.