Sunday, September 5, 2021

Polish Army is moving forces to eastern border "testing" its ability to do it quickly

 Officially Polish Army is testing its ability to move a large number of troops across the country in case of emergency but it is hard not to see that in a few days Russia will undergo the largest maneuvers (200,000 troops) near Polish borders in decades.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense provided the information about the exercises on Twitter.

 "The ability of the Polish Armed Forces to move quickly is crucial. The 12th Szczecin Mechanized Division is starting one of the largest exercises in years. Soldiers are moving from the west to the eastern training grounds," he wrote.

The representatives of the 12th Division wrote on Twitter that 4,000 soldiers and almost 1,000 units of military equipment will take part in the exercise. The first phase of the exercise involves moving wheeled transport using public roads.

We need to remind here that a number of eastern regions of Poland, directly neighboring Belarus, are under a State of Emergency. Russian maneuvers, Zapad 2021, will include Belarus and its territory.