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Monday, October 11, 2021

EC will soon issue a demand for payment of penalties imposed by EU Court of Justice regarding Turów Coal Mine

 The European Commission (EC) will issue "in due course" demand for payment in the case of penalties imposed by the Court of Justice of the EU regarding the operation of the Turów Brown Coal Mine - said EC's spokesman in Brussels.

At the end of February, the Czech Republic filed a complaint against Poland regarding the extension of the Turów lignite mine to the CJEU together with a request to apply the so-called interim measures, i.e. an order to suspend production.

On May 21, the CJEU acceded to the Czech Republic's request and ordered Poland to immediately suspend mining from the Turów mine until a substantive decision is made.

Poland refused to do so because, according to its government, such closure will affect nearly 10% of the country's energy production immediately affecting hundreds of thousands of households. It would also tragically affect the job market in the region.

Finally, on September 20, the CJEU decided that "Poland is to pay the European Commission EUR 500,000 a day for not implementing interim measures and not stopping the extraction of lignite in the Turów mine". The decision, in this case, was taken by the vice-president of the Court, Rosario Silva de Lapuerta.

Poland, on the other hand, as reported by the Tribunal, submitted an application seeking to repeal this decision.

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