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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

EU may not like what Poland will do next

 Looking at what is happening in Poland after yesterday's "debate" one thing is sure. Poland's "right" and "moderates" are in an uproar. There are already calls coming from many directions for a "hard national shift" in government policy.

Kaczyński who leads the governing party Law and Justice was asked how Poland would defend itself. “We will do our job and work on our goals. This will be the case, for example, with regard to the reform of the judiciary. The documents are already prepared,” he said. When asked whether there would be an acceleration in the reform of the judiciary, he confirmed. “This is a large undertaking, we are finalizing it on the level of preparation, and as soon as this stage is over, it will take a procedural course. In other cases, we will - using arguments of considerable caliber - convince our partners that trying to take from us what is due is not the best idea.”

Prime Minister Morawiecki said, "we will be creatively reacting to the attempted blackmail with the National Reconstruction Plan."

The members of the parliament from Solidarity Poland go farther, "the right wing needs a new opening." "We need a hard national turn in government policy. After all, we must be egotistical in the EU - not give them an inch."

"At the European Council, Poland should submit a postulate to immediately suspend the EU emissions trading system. In Poland, prices of energy produced from coal will go down by more than 20 percent overnight! This is important to stop inflation."

"The next step should be the submission of a formal diplomatic note to Germany regarding reparations."

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