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Monday, October 25, 2021

One man plans to turn Warsaw into 'Quantum Valley'

 Polish-American scientist and investor Dominik Andrzejczuk left California to bring quantum computing to Poland, use its vast potential, and transform it into a 'Quantum Valley.' He believes that some of the best technologies are in Poland, but few people know about that.

I just told someone with Polish roots about this man who 'left California for Warsaw,' and the face he made is the best commentary you could get.

Mr. Andrzejczuk says that mowing to Poland was the best move he ever made.

A question I get asked frequently is “why would you ever want to leave California for Poland?” It’s a sincere question, I don’t blame people for asking. 

Why on earth would anyone ever want to leave utopic California, for…of all places…Poland? 

Well, there are many reasons. And in this video, I present some of them!

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