Sunday, October 24, 2021

It's not abut "Rule of Law" in Poland, it's about POWER

 For several weeks now, the "major news media" occupied themselves with Poland, violating the "Rule of Law" never defining what that actually means. Interestingly enough, they also ignored the ever-changing definition of it.

But, the commentators across the EU are finally beginning to notice that the conflict with Poland is not about European values. It's about POWER. 

For example, the opinion piece in Deutsche Welle of all places by Boris Kalnoky seems to agree with Polish politicians that it is not true that "the primacy of EU law over national constitutional law has "never before" been called into question."

'There has never been any consensus on EU law supremacy. The UK in particular, but also the German Constitutional Court, have always seen potential for conflict in it.'

 Kalnoky concludes that "the issue is whether the EU should be a de facto state or an alliance of sovereign nation-states. The basis of the sovereignty of any state is its constitution."

DW: EU emphasizes power over values in row with Poland