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Thursday, October 7, 2021

The first Abrams in the Polish Army next year

 During his visit to the United States, Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak informed after a meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: "Everything indicates that the first Abrams tanks will be used by the Polish Army next year".

According to the Ministry of National Defense, the head of the ministry is visiting the United States at the invitation of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin. Both ministers discussed the most important issues of Polish-American military cooperation. The talks also concerned the enhancement of military interoperability, the American military presence in Poland, the security situation in Europe, and arms purchases.

“The conversation was concrete. We talked about cooperation, about strengthening Polish-American relations, about equipping the Polish Army with modern equipment. I can say that from the point of view of the United States Secretary of Defence, equipping the Polish Army with Abrams tanks is absolutely justified, as it builds interoperability between American and Polish forces. At the end of this month, the Secretary of the U.S. Army will come to Poland. We will discuss the details. Everything indicates that the first Abrams tanks will be used by the Polish Army next year ” - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence after the meeting with the United States Secretary of Defence.

In July 2021, the Polish side submitted an application to the United States for the acquisition of 250 M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams tanks in the FMS mode along with a logistics and training package, sub-caliber, and fragmentation-demolition ammunition (combat and training) and accompanying vehicles. 

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