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Monday, October 18, 2021

"There will be no reduction in the number of US soldiers in Poland"

 The Internet portal Polska Times interviewed Bix Aliu, a chargé d'affaires of the US Embassy in Poland. 'When asked about the possibility of transferring US troops from Poland to Romania, the diplomat admitted that he first heard about it when he saw an article in a newspaper.

"There will be no reduction in the number of troops here, quite the contrary" - he declared.

"We are connected by deep historical and institutional ties that bind the United States and Poland - interpersonal bonds thanks to all Americans who have Polish roots, as well as security and military ties within NATO. We are connected by investment relations, a joint commitment to supporting democracy in Belarus and Ukraine, as well as everything that is in between these areas. All in all, it means that we have a similar view on many issues that our countries and the world struggle with. Poland is a great partner and usually - from this perspective - like-minded partner."

As he added, one of the most essential areas of Polish-American relations today is cooperation in civil nuclear energy. 

"In July, we signed the relevant documents regarding an important grant supporting this cooperation. We are currently in technical talks on the structure and financing of this project. I am very happy about it, because nuclear energy will be of key importance to ensuring Poland's energy security and achieving our global climate goals, and the AP1000 system manufactured by Westinghouse will be ideal for Poland's needs" - he stressed.

Mr. Aliu was also asked whether President Biden's administration is not seeking to improve relations with Poland, which worsened shortly after Joe Biden was elected President of the United States.

"I completely disagree with this. The topics of the talks have changed - in line with the priorities of the new administration - and this is a normal, expected process," he stressed.

"The United States and Poland have historically strong relationships and remain friends and loyal allies. The United States and Poland are bound by a strong strategic partnership, our enduring shared democratic values and human ties. Raising the profile of promoting and defending democracy and human rights is a foreign and domestic policy priority of Biden administration. This is nothing new. Sometimes we may disagree, but as two self-confident, close democracies, the United States and Poland talk about our common values and strategic interests without hesitation, "Aliu assured.