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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Is EU taking Lukashenko's side? EU sends to Belarus €700k in aid for migrants

ABC News

 On Wednesday, November 17, the European Union decided to provide Belarus with financial support, which is to be used to help migrants. 

"The EU supports its humanitarian partners in alleviating the suffering of people left behind at the border and elsewhere in Belarus. I appeal for permanent access by humanitarian organizations from both sides to reach this large group of refugees and migrants and provide them with urgent assistance," - wrote EU Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarczicz.

"Europe stands by the side of the people imprisoned on the border with Belarus. The EC mobilizes € 700,000 to provide food, blankets, hygiene products and first aid kits. We are ready for more, but the Belarusian regime must stop luring people and endangering their lives," - said President of the European Commission, Ursusa von der Leyen.

That caused the bitterness of Witold Waszczykowski, former foreign minister and MEP.

"Another victory for Lukashenka. After being recognized by Merkel (who dicused the crisis with him), he also receives money from the EU for migrants who have already paid him to come to Minsk," - the politician wrote on Twitter.

Reuters, citing the BiełTA agency, reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Alexander Lukashenka had a second telephone conversation on Wednesday about the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland and the migration crisis.

The first conversation between politicians on this subject took place on Monday. The leaders then agreed to undertake further talks to resolve the crisis.

During the ministerial meeting in Brussels, Poland presented its official position on this matter. The Polish side emphasized that the conversation between Angela Merkel and Alexander Lukashenka was premature. 

Beata Szydło, a Member of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Poland,  bluntly assessed the behavior of the German chancellor.

"Chancellor Angela Merkel is breaking all EU rules by talking to Minsk and Moscow on her own. Her behavior is reminiscent of the worst moments in history, when Central European countries were treated as objects of political trade. Poland cannot agree to such behavior by Germany," she wrote on Twitter.

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