Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Justice Minister: "Poland is sovereign! I will not agree to hypocrisy and blackmail"

 Polish Ministry of Justice presented the assumptions of the reform of common courts. According to the planned regulations, a judge will be appointed only once as a common court judge; court points will be created in municipalities; there will be 79 judicial districts and 20 regional courts. Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro has repeatedly said that he hopes that the government will want to work on court reform projects as soon as possible.

The opposition to the planned reform can be heard not only from the Polish opposition but also from EU politicians. Vera Jourova said a year ago that "this is not reform, but destruction". She has repeatedly criticized a possible reform, as have other EU activists.

"The European Union cannot question the shape of our judiciary. Poland is sovereign and the European Commission will not change it" - wrote Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro on Twitter, referring to critical EU voices regarding the reform of the Polish justice system. - "I will not agree to the hypocrisy and blackmail on the part of EU officials" - said Ziobro firmly.

- How many more people have to tell Vera Jourova that what she is doing is inciting Polish judges to anarchy and causing legal chaos, threatening the security of citizens? - Zbigniew Ziobro asked on Twitter. 

Here is the latest example of what Ziobro is talking about:

On Saturday, the convention of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, the so-called street opposition (softer version of Antifa), was held for their sixth anniversary. Donald Tusk the leader of the opposition parties was there, but there were also judges who eagerly applauded his speech. Robert Kropiwnicki MP from Civic Platform, stated: "Each judge himself decides when he is independent and when he is not".