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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Record number of new infections in Poland

 The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is nearing its peak. It is possible because the weekly increment of new cases is getting lower. However, today Poland has a record number of new infections, 29,064. For comparison, a week ago, there were about 28,380 new infections.

According to the Ministry of Health, 161 people died yesterday due to COVID-19. Another 409 deaths are patients who have had COVID-19 coexisting with other diseases. In total, 570 people with confirmed COVID-19 died yesterday. A day before the total number of deaths was 526.

Starting December 1, there are new restrictions in Poland. More stringent limits have been introduced in hotels, restaurants, and cultural venues such as cinemas and theaters, where 50 percent may be occupied.

As of December 1, the restrictions also change the permissible limits during discos and family gatherings, such as weddings and communions. Now, a maximum of 100 people can take part in them. The number of people who can participate in outdoor sports events has been reduced from 500 to 250

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