Friday, February 4, 2022

American military equipment arrived at the Port of Gdynia

 Over 200 elements of armament, including armored vehicles and military trucks for the American 1st Battalion of the 185th Infantry Regiment, were unloaded at the Gdynia port. American equipment arrived in Gdynia on January 31 onboard ARC Patriot and was unloaded at the BCT container terminal. The port of Gdynia will be used for unloading by the American army until February 14.

"Over two hundred items of equipment from the US 1st National Army's Battalion 185th California-based Infantry Regiment were unloaded in Gdynia, at a port facility supporting NATO Enhanced Forward. The mission runs from January 30 to February 14," - said Jeffrey Jurgensen from the US Army Press Office.

Jurgensen, in an interview with Radio Gdańsk, assured that most of the equipment would remain in Poland. The soldiers who will use it in the so-called Enhanced Forward Presence program on NATO missions come from US military units in California, Washington, and Oregon. They will train together with the Polish army in Poland, but also with the Baltic countries and other partners from the Enhanced Forward Presence program, like Croatia, Romania, and Great Britain - explained Jurgensen.