Monday, February 7, 2022

The desperate appeal of the Ukrainian ambassador in Germany

 “It's a question of peace or war! We need the most modern weapons to defend ourselves, and to refuse us today is to fail Ukraine! " - Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk said on Sunday evening in the ARD TV program "Anne Will".

"We must realize that we are facing the danger of a great war in the center of Europe" - said Melnyk. "We hope for a change of mind on the part of the Germans."

German public opinion and the German government must "wake up", recognize the seriousness of the situation and act, Melnyk said.

"Please help us change the course of the government, set aside all party-political interests and really realize the importance of the moment" - ambassador appealed to Germans.

Referring to Russia and its president, Melnyk said Vladimir Putin "wants to wipe Ukraine off the map".

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reiterated on Sunday shortly before his departure to Washington for talks with US President Joe Biden that the German government did not agree to the supply of arms to Ukraine.