Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The situation in Ukraine remains uncertain

 Although the spokesman of the Russian defense ministry, Igor Konashenkov, announced today that the Russian troops have started loading after the end of the exercises and will return to the garrisons, the situation at the border with Ukraine remains uncertain. 

'The Sun', citing information from the American intelligence, reports that an invasion of Ukraine may occur tonight: "US intelligence claims that Putin will order the attack probably at 1 am (British time; 2:00 in Poland) on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday."

During a press conference with the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zbigniew Rau, the head of Russian diplomacy, confirmed that after the end of the exercises, Russian troops began to return to the garrisons.

Screenshot of The Sun's front page.

According to the Ukrainian media, "high-ranking sources claim that preparations to defend the besieged country will continue."

Additionally, a column of T-80U tanks of the 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Order of Lenin Red Banner Tank Division was spotted in the border area with Ukraine. Multiple rocket launchers and other hardware were also spotted moving in the direction of Lelchytsy, Gomel region, 10km from Ukraine.

Unfortunately, we are not "out of the woods" yet. It is either a de-escalation or a hoax designed for us to lower our guard.