Sunday, March 13, 2022

Ukraine received a large batch of Polish grenade launchers

 The Armed Forces of Ukraine received a large batch of RPG-76 Komar (Mosquito) anti-tank grenade launchers from Poland. This easy-to-use weapon with a lightweight design allows eliminating targets up to 250 meters, including lightly armored vehicles, tanker trucks, and fortified enemy positions. The undoubted advantage of Komar is that it can be fired from vehicles and rooms.

The RPG-76 Komar anti-tank grenade launchers with a disposable launcher were produced at the Precision Equipment Factory in Niewiadów in 1983-1985. Due to the lack of a self-liquidator, it was decided several years ago to withdraw the Mosquito grenade launchers from service and move them to military warehouses. The RPG-76 gained a second life due to the decision of the Ministry of National Defense, which transferred a batch of these anti-tank grenade launchers to Ukraine.

Compared to other grenade launchers of a similar class, the RPG-76 is a much lighter weapon (2.1 kg), ensuring armor penetration up to 300 mm thick.

This weapon is also great for city fights, and due to its minimal recoil, it can be used indoors and launched from inside vehicles.