Thursday, April 7, 2022

EU's "rule of law": €35B to Russia, €1B to Ukraine, €30M in fines for Poland

 While Putin's army is brutally killing people in Ukraine and razing it to the ground, everybody should be focused on introducing solutions that will instantly and permanently neutralize Russia. Ironically, the European Parliament is launching another attack on Poland and discussing the Polish rule of law. 

Although the President of the Republic of Poland and the Polish government have been fighting for months to take adequate measures to help Ukraine, Germany, and the passive EU are obsessed with teaching Poles the rule of law. But the EU itself should be punished for breaking it!

Since the beginning of the war, the European Union has paid Russia 35 billion euros for energy products, and Ukraine has received 1 billion euros for its defense needs. The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, provided this information, published in the Madrid daily La Razon. 

The sanctions are not working, Germany cannot take adequate measures, and EU member states are still paying Russia, which feels unpunished. There are more proposals for sanctions and more declarations, but there is still no strong will to introduce them. 

Not only does the EU fail to take adequate and necessary measures that could stop Putin, but its ruthlessness goes even further: it blocks the funds owed to Poland. And yet no other country has accepted 2.5 million war refugees from Ukraine and helped them as generously as Poland.

The European Commission has deducted tens of millions of euros from Poland's EU funds to cover fines Warsaw has refused to pay. Just over €30 million has been taken so far, which is likely to rise significantly as Poland currently still owes almost €200 million in unpaid fines. That number is growing by €1 million every day due to Poland's failure to close its disciplinary chamber for judges, as ordered in the ECJ ruling.

Absurd statements in European Parliament attacking Poland could be quoted endlessly. It is only a pity that the European Parliament is not so critical of itself. Why has the embargo violation on arms sold to Russia after 2014 not yet been dealt with? The answer is simple. France has the presidency, and France is at the fore in breaking EU law in this matter. Weapons have also been sold to Russia in recent years by the Germans. However, no one in the EP has raised any objections against them.