Saturday, April 2, 2022

Poland refuses to pay for Russian gas in rubles

 When asked at a press conference in Otwock whether Poland would pay for gas in rubles, Prime Minister Morawiecki replied that "if such blackmail is used against Poland, we will not surrender to this blackmail."

"At the same time, I appeal to the chancellor of Germany, the chancellor of Austria, and others not to submit to Putin's blackmail," - added the prime minister.

The decree issued on Thursday by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin stipulates that from the beginning of April, foreign buyers from "hostile countries" are to pay for supplies of Russian natural gas in rubles, or those supplies will be suspended. 

The head of government emphasized that Putin wants to break EU sanctions.

"Sanctions must be respected. They must be tight. This system must be tight. We cannot weaken it. It is critical," he said.

"Remember, in Ukraine, one hour is just like our day. We turn off the TV sets, and the war is still raging there" - noted Morawiecki.