Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Series of blasts in Trans-Dniester region, inhabitants flee to Moldova

 A series of explosions took place in the Trans-Dniester region (Transnistria). They were heard on a military base near Tiraspol. The authorities of the self-proclaimed republic speak of "terrorist attacks." According to the "Ukrainian Prada," a large part of the population of Russia-controlled Transnistria is fleeing to the Republic of Moldova.

The President of Trans-Dniester, Vadim Krasnosielski, called a meeting of the so-called Security Council in connection with "terrorist attacks on infrastructure facilities and state institutions in the republic." The latest reports mention explosions in a military unit in Parkany on the outskirts of Tiraspol, the capital of the separatist region.

Attacks in Trans-Dniester are taking place for the second consecutive day. On Tuesday, it was reported that two radio relays were destroyed. On Monday, there were a series of explosions near the ministry of security in Tiraspol. After this incident, Ukrainian military intelligence stated that it was a provocation by Russian secret services to draw the region into the ongoing war.