Thursday, May 12, 2022

Belarusian schools will no longer teach the Polish language and literature

The current school year is to be the last one during which children in Belarus will learn the Polish language and literature. This means that the second largest national minority living there - Poles - will be eliminated from the education system.

"It is known that Alexander Lukashenka treats the Polish minority in Belarus as hostages, but also potential victims of his repressions. As a result of frustration and inability to bite back, he will attack his citizens who are Poles," says Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tomasz Rzymkowski.

The National Agency for Academic Exchange, which has been funding the scholarship programs since the protests of the fraudulent elections, is working on hosting a large group of students from Belarus, especially those Belarusian citizens of Polish nationality who want to study in Poland.

The students from the Polish school in Brest. The headmaster of the school, Anna Paniszewa, has been in custody since March 12 for "rehabilitation of Nazism" and "inciting national and religious feuds".