Friday, May 13, 2022

Polish Piorun MANPADS are so effective against Russian helicopters that US Army looks at them closely

 The Ukrainian officer informed on Twitter that the Russian Ka-52 helicopter had been shot down using the Polish Piorun anti-aircraft missile system, Piorun (Thunderbolt).

"A moment ago, the anti-aircraft defense of the 95th Independent Assault and Assault Brigade in the Izium area, using the Polish Piorun man-made anti-aircraft missile system, destroyed the enemy Ka-52 helicopter. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine," - officer Yuri Koczewenko wrote on Wednesday.

There is a growing international interest in Piorun anti-aircraft missile systems. It's maker, Mesko S.A., is already considering increasing production - said the deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense Wojciech Skurkiewicz on Tuesday. 

In March, Prime Minister Matusz Morawiecki, during a visit to the Mesko declared an increase in orders for Piorun missiles for the Polish army. He announced the submission of orders and the transfer of funds "so as to at least double production, and preferably multiply it even more."

Poland donated an undisclosed number of Piorun kits as a defensive weapon to Ukrainian troops. The Piorun rockets will also be delivered to the US Army - in February Mesko concluded negotiations with the US Department of Defense for the purchase of several hundred sets of these rockets.