Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Biden announced the construction of silos for Ukrainian grain in Poland

 US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that temporary silos will be built near the borders of Ukraine, including Poland, which will allow the export of Ukrainian grain by land.

"With his war, Vladimir Putin not only tries to erase the culture of the Ukrainians, decimates the (Ukrainian) nation and commits countless war crimes, but also prevents the export of thousands of tons of grain that are locked in silos (...) So we are working on a plan to transport it to other countries by rail," - said Biden at the AFL-CIO trade union convention in Philadelphia.

Poland cooperates with America on silos for Ukrainian grain. The technical issues, including their location, will be agreed upon shortly - said government spokesman Piotr Müller. 

He also expressed his satisfaction with President Biden's declaration and stated, "it would be good if similar actions were taken by EU countries."

During his speech, Biden pointed out that one of the obstacles in exporting Ukrainian grain by land is the difference in railroad tracks' width (Russian standard) in Ukraine and in neighboring countries.

"So, we will build silos, temporary silos near the borders of Ukraine, including in Poland, so that it is possible to transfer grain from rail cars to these silos, and then to rail cars in Europe and transport them by sea, opening up export opportunities to the entire world" - said the American President.

Biden stated that this is one of the ways to avoid further increases in food prices caused by Russian aggression and Russia's blocking of Ukrainian ports. He noted, however, that this solution and the export of approximately 20 million tons of grain will take time.