Sunday, June 5, 2022

Macron asks not to humiliate Russia, while Russia is attacking

 [The story of Marcon's request has been all over Polish media for several days, and it's time to share it with our English-speaking readers.]

"We must not humiliate Russia to build an exit through diplomatic channels on the day the fighting ends. I am convinced that France's role is to be an intermediary force," - said French President Macron in an interview recently published in France.

"While someone asks not to humiliate Russia, Russia is attacking," - said Ukrainian president's advisor Mykhailo Podolak on Twitter, referring to the words of French President Emmanuel Macron and the morning Russian missile attack on Kyiv. - "Today's missile strikes in Kiev had only one goal: to kill as many Ukrainians as possible" - he added.

According to the command of the Ukrainian Air Force, the Russians fired missiles toward Kyiv from Tu-95 strategic bombers over the Caspian Sea. 

In 1939 France betrayed Poland by not attacking Germany from the West as they promised in a treaty. There were no consequences, as there should have, so they are doing it again. This time they do that to Ukraine.