Friday, July 1, 2022

Germany is pressing Lithuania to step down on Kaliningrad

 Polish and Garman media: Germany wants to ease the tension with Russia and is putting pressure on Lithuania to step down on the ban on transit to Kaliningrad, reports "Der Spiegel".

The Kaliningrad oblast, bordering the European Union countries, to which most goods are transported by rail via Lithuania, was cut off on 17 June from part of cargo transport from mainland Russia under sanctions imposed by Brussels.

On Wednesday, Reuters, citing two sources familiar with the case, informed that European officials are negotiating with Lithuania to ease tensions with Russia over Kaliningrad.

According to Reuters, Brussels - with the support of Germany - is negotiating the exclusion of Kaliningrad from the sanctions regime and is paving the way for an agreement that could be signed in early July if Lithuania withdraws its reservations.

As reported by Der Spiegel, since June 18, Germany has been pressing Lithuania and the European Commission to exclude the Kaliningrad Oblast from the sanctions regime. In this context, the newspaper recalls the words of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who repeatedly stressed that "unnecessary provocations against Moscow should be avoided" and that "he will do everything so that NATO does not become a party to the war".

"Spiegel" reminds in this context that German soldiers are stationed in Lithuania, and the current situation raises questions as to whether Germany would be ready to defend Lithuania in the event of a Russian attack.

Germany behaves as if there was no brutal war in Ukraine at this very moment.