Sunday, July 3, 2022

Poland is third in the world in terms of the volume of military aid to Ukraine

 Poland is the third country in the world in terms of the amount of military aid provided to Ukraine; The government in Warsaw has already pledged to provide Kiev with support worth $ 1.81 billion, according to an analysis published by the BBC. The first two places in the ranking are taken by the USA and Great Britain.

Washington's total commitments to Ukraine, made between January 27 and June 7, amount to $ 25.45 billion. Washington is also a leader in terms of military funds that have already been transferred to Kiev ($ 6.3 billion in the same period).

London's pledge to Ukraine amounts to $ 2.53 billion, while the actual spending so far - is $ 1.6 billion. These amounts do not include the amount of 1.2 billion dollars, in an additional pool of support announced by British authorities on June 30, the BBC reported after the World Economy Institute in Kiel, Germany.

The next positions among the countries that support Ukraine the most (in terms of declared and not transferred funds for military purposes) are taken by Germany (USD 1.48 billion), Canada (0.8 billion), Norway (0.48 billion), and the Czech Republic (0, 27 billion). France came in thirteenth (0.16 billion), and Italy fifteenth (0.11 billion). President Macron, on the other hand, talks a lot about the war.