Sunday, July 17, 2022

Russian TV: "Five million dollars for the head of Lech Wałęsa"

 Lech Wałęsa is in trouble with Russians. Kremlin propaganda is threatening the former Polish president to be kidnapped and imprisoned.

It was proposed in the Russian TV show "60 minutes". The journalist who led it referred to the recent words of Lech Wałęsa. The Polish politician gave an interview to the French media in which he stated that "Russia annexed 60 nations and it would be good if its population was reduced to 50 million."

The show devoted a lot of time-space to the issue of Poland. First, Warsaw's relations with Kyiv were discussed, and then the issue of Wałęsa, who was threatened with kidnapping and imprisonment. - The former president of Poland, Lech Wałęsa, revealed himself to be a real Nazi - said the journalist at the beginning.

"He came up with an initiative worthy of Hitler, proposing to reduce the population of Russia to 50 million people" - said the host of the program.

In her opinion, the ideal scenario for Lech Wałęsa would be the organization of an "uprising by the West, mobilizing the nations inhabiting Russia. For Russia to break up into many small principalities, that is, the Nobel Peace Prize winner openly calls for genocide and instigating a bloody civil war" - she said.

Then, they showed a fragment of Wałęsa's interview which a lot of emotions among the gathered guests. One of them called Wałęsa a "scoundrel". As he added, the Polish politician deserves judgment.

Another commentator then suggested that the Russian law enforcement agencies "initiate proceedings" against Walesa and issue an international arrest warrant for him. Reason? "Incitement to genocide".

One of the guests stated that Russia could not count on international law and asked the guests whether Walesa should be kidnapped in that case.

In response, one of the commentators made a shocking proposal. In his opinion, the following announcement should be made: "Wanted. Five million dollars or euros for his head! For any European who brings him." The other guests called it a "great idea."