Sunday, August 7, 2022

Report of Polish losses from World War II is shocking

 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he had read the report on Poland's losses during World War II several times. (It is to be made public on September 1.) It is truly shocking - said the head of the Polish government.

Prime Minister was asked during a press conference whether Poland would start the procedure for obtaining the amount contained in the report immediately after presenting the report on war reparations from Germany.

"On September 1, we are going to present a report, on which a team of outstanding professors, from various fields: demographers, economists, historians, economic historians, statisticians - worked for several years. 
We will present the vast range of material on property losses that Poland has suffered. It will depend on our political decision in what period after that date we will also present the next steps in this regard," - said the head of government.

Since Germany does not want to talk about reparations for the damage they caused during World War II, Poland should sue them before an international tribunal - said Daniel Kawczynski, British MP of Polish origin.

"Time is running out, desperately running out, because this generation of Germans and Poles, which is better aware of this debt than our generation, is leaving. I believe that the Polish government should go to the international tribunal and sue Germany before it. Because it is absolutely clear that they will not tolerate any discussions on this subject, using an agreement signed in 1953 by (Bolesław) Bierut, who had no legitimacy to represent the Polish nation. If the negotiations fail, other means must be sought and I would strongly encourage the Polish government to sue Germans before an international court " - said Kawczynski, who repeatedly pointed out, both in the House of Commons and in press articles, that Poland, despite the greatest damage it has suffered, has not received any reparations from Germany.